Equipment & Training
Chum Sut MMA Academy
Chum Sut Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Lisburn

Crossfit Varangian
Want to train in one of N.I best functional training gyms? Located outside Belfast, Lisburns first CrossFit box. Get healthier, stronger and faster. Achieve more than ever before by training in one of N.I best S&C gyms. Become a part of a great, supportive and motivating community open to everyone. Become a part of CrossFit the sport of Fitness.

Tai-Chi Finder
A good source for the Shaolin style training shoes, reasonably priced with decently grippy soles. They also contain a large stock of training DVDs which are useful for indulging curiousity in other styles, but it must be stressed that they're no replacement for a good teacher.

Kung Fu Elements
One of the very few good all-round books on basic kung fu training, history and applications. Well worth getting.

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Kicking Dragon on Facebook
The official Facebook page for the school.