The Kicking Dragon school is run and taught by Frederick Elliot, a highly experienced martial artist with over twenty years of training and experience. Although he also has a background of studying Taekwondo and the Kajukembo Noble system, he is foremostly a practitioner of chinese martial arts -

He has trained in the past in Wing Tsun, up to a high standard in traditional five animal techniques under Sifu Cyril Flannigan; and also trained in Shaolin kung fu at the Shaolin Temple in Henan Province, China, a time which he spent mostly refining his basics and endurance rather than picking up the more modern wushu forms that are also taught in the Temple and it's surrounds. More recently he has studied Seven Star Praying Mantis under Master Zhu Chang Hai, and is currently training in wrestling and MMA with Thomas Lamont, the founder of Chum Sut MMA Academy.