Belfast Class

Monday 7pm to 9pm
Wednesday 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Morton Community Centre
Lorne Street

Lisburn Class

Friday Kids Class 6pm-7pm
Friday Adults Class 7pm-8pm

Chum Sut MMA Academy

Classes £25 per month.
Private tuition by arrangement, £20 per session.

Beginners welcome at all classes.

   Most classes will contain the following, though the actual lengths of each section, and proportions, will vary depending on whether any specific focus has been planned for the session by the teacher.

      1) Warm-ups and conditioning exercises
      2) Stretching
      3) Basic kicks, both light for stretching and against pads for technique, and power
      4) Handwork/Stances, also paired drills/self defense techniques
      5) Forms and/or Sparring