This page is intended to give a brief overview of the basics taught over the first few weeks and months of attendance at Kicking Dragon. The general format for all classes is given in the Classes section. In no particular order, beginners will be taught the following -

      Basic stancework and footwork

      Elementary kicks and kicking techniques       (ti/tui)

      Basic hand/arm strikes (da)

      Basic Qinna (joint manipulation and restraints), particularly against grabs at this stage.

      Basic Kauijiao (fast takedowns, usually following a kick or punch or defense against
      a kick or punch), this combined with the Qinna forms much of the core of the self
      defense taught to beginners.

      Basic forms, usually one simple blocking/defensive form (at Beginner level) and a short
      Shaolin form and three short forms of tiger style.

   Forms are the Chinese martial arts equivalent of the Japanese kata, and are set patterns of techniques that teach the student the essentials of footwork, precision, moving from one technique to the next with flow, power generation, co-ordination, and much more besides.

Do not worry about the specific terms such as Qinna used here, these are rarely used in the class, techniques generally being referred to by their english equivalents.